Monster Swell heading for Tofino…Yakutat should get 20ft+

November 6, 2009

Wow what a storm! Watching it daily making it’s way toward the coast has kept us on edge.  Anyway it looks like our Canadian brothers are going to score big time.  Take a look at this surf chart….kinda mind boggling.

Giant Surf

We’ve had a couple of inches of snow this week,  but it has since melted off and all of the surf spots are wide open.  Iwill try to get some shots of the surf tomorrow but it’s getting dark right after work so I’ll have hurry after work.   The waves have been kinda empty this month with just a couple of the locals making it out during the cold spell.   We may have a few of last years wetsuits coming up on sale to make room for new models next, we’ll get those up this weekend.

For our Homer friends if this low does indeed go on shore near Yakutat or below it should provide you with a pretty long sustained N wind… will be a little nipply but should provide you with some nice waves.  Keep surfn

                                                   Jack @ Icy Waves


First Kodiak, then Yakutat and Sitka…..

October 20, 2009

Well it’s still on it’s way….our friends at Kodiak should see a nice south swell pumping in on Wednesday, Yakutat and Sitka will feel the push on Thursday.  12 to 15ft swells for the Kodiak crew with 15 to 20ft for Yakutat and Sitka with the heavier swell at Sitka.  The ducks and geese are just starting to fly, the moose season is about half over and there are a ton of late run silvers are under the cannon beach bridge. There’s still the $99 one way fare still going I’d say it’s time to visit us.  Here’s a picture of the next few days of swell courtesy of the Navy.



Yikes….get your guns! The big waves are coming!

October 17, 2009

I see a pretty big surf a com’n….starting tuesday night with a huge swell driving into the Tofino area down by the Queen Charlotte Islands should be 30ft plus….Sitka should get leftovers of around 20 ft while Yakutat will will be in the 14 to 15 ft range.  That’s the good news….the better news is that there is a 2nd development with the main swell pointed right at Sitka on slate for next Friday.  That should bring 25 to 27ft rollers into Sitka turning sandy beach into a funfest for the weekend.  Yakutat should get the 20ft left overs but they should be big and clean with an off shore wind.  Here’s the latest model….pretty encouraging.   Gotta work today will update this as we get closer….maybe the friday swell will migrate a little north.


Giant waves for Kodiak this weekend!

October 7, 2009

Well we’ve had a couple weeks of good surf, with visits from our annual Homer crew and a small contingent from Seattle.  The surf was mixed but generally pretty good.  It looks like it will be consistent for the next couple of weeks with some hugh waves instore for the Kodiak crew this weekend.  Check out the navy model which you can get online at



This shows Kodiak with ssw fetch….the waves won’t be long period but should be fairly juicy and big.    

For those coming to Yakutat this weekend look for a pretty good swell from the west which should make graveyard and babies work well.  It’s going to be rainy…..but it’s October in Yakutat.  Til next time good surf to everyone.

First Giant Swell of the year coming to Yakutat!

September 9, 2009

Well those storms out west have developed a really nice condition that should send some 20 ft+ SW swell into Yakutat this weekend.  Take a look at the navy model below.



I think there are some cheap airfares so come on down and enjoy the swell!!  The silver fishing this year is back to normal so the surf fish thing is really working out this year.  If you can’t make it for this swell, keep an eye on the blog and I’ll post as soon as I see a sure thing.  Also a word to the wise when calling for a place to stay ask if they have any off season rates…especially after Oct 1st.  I will be working this coming year with all of the lodges to get surfer deals during the off season, I’ll also try the car rental places.  I hope by this next spring to have bike rentals for those of you who are on the frugal side and want to spend your money on a new board or wetsuit…..instead of a rig rental.  Well that’s it…..looking forward to Coastal Code crew from Alaska Brewing coming in next week also the Gang from Homer the following weekend.  Until next time good surf’n.

August swell finally coming to Yakutat

August 10, 2009

Well it finally looks like the summer time doldrums are coming to an end! There’s nasty little typhoon hammering China but it’s sending some nice wave action our way. Take a look at this wave model showing a 9 to 12 swell around the middle of the month. This should make all of the breaks in Yakutat rideable.

 168 forecast


The water’s warm…around 60 and the silvers are just showing up.  So if you’re wanting to do a fish surf trip, this year may be a good one.   As with every other place in Alaska we’ve had a fabulous summer weather wise but the surf scene only had a few days at the end of July for good surf.  As the swell starts to build I’ll be on here forecasting and hopefully all the surf spots in Alaska will have a great last half of 2009.

Summer time breaks in Yakutat

July 4, 2009

Well it’s summer….July no less and we are getting a few waves… With the constant westerly blowing this year, early morning surf sessions are the best both at Cannon and the outer breaks as well as the minus tide breaks at graveyards and babies.  The outlook may be promising for mid August as the southern hemispheric swell should have an extra shot of juice this year.   The weather has been awesome, thus the westerlies.  I’m seriously looking into the kite board gig with the constant 10 to 15 kt wind it may be the next new thing in Yakutat.  I hope everybody has a great 4th and swell eventually gets big………..

Free at last! The road to Graveyards is being opened.

May 1, 2009

As I sit here typing this post the city crew is busily plowing the road to our favorite surf spots.  We had around 4 ft of snow on the road so it has been a couple of day project but we should be able to get to the beach tomorrow.  So to all of you Juneau and Homerite surfers…..come on down the water’s fine!  We’re in kinda of a doldrum as far as waves go for the next couple of days but… looks like next week we should see some head high stuff pop.  It’s been a loooong winter and we really needed this service provided by the city to keep our sanity.  60 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky… is good.  Stop by the shop when you come a check out our new logo’s and boards.  Til next time keep surf’n.


Still have 3ft of snow but spring is charging to Yakutat…

April 21, 2009
    The birds are showing up, the herring are spawning and the waves are cleaning up….yes spring is here.  If only we could get some cooperation the rain and wind to melt the snow that seems to inching it’s way slow down.   The road to gravyards still is snowed in, so our only options are Cannon Beach which has had some nice breaks lately and skiffing it.  I thought I’d let you know what I have for sale in the Shop this spring, so here we are.
    1. 10’10” Walden SUP w/o paddle           $1395
    2. 9’0″ Robert August what I ride wood, oak,ash and mahogony  $895
    3. 9’0″ Donald Takayama Slater Model Red $795
    4. 8’4″ South Point Mini Longboard Egg $425
    5. 7’9″ Jed Noll Mini Gun (classic) $550
    6. 6’10” Walden Magic Fish $455
    7. 7S 777 6’10 $369
    8. 7’6″ NSP Surf Bette $329
    9. 6’8″ Stretch Fletcher Four $645
    10. 6’8″ Stretch Half Moon 4 fin $620
    11. 5’11” Stretch Performance Blue Swallow Tail $665
    12. 6’1″ Webber short board $345
    13. NSP 5’6″ Mini Fish $199 (super deal)
    I have a couple 9’0″  and 10’0″ Rebel longboards expoy that run between $400 and $550.
    If you have any interest let me know and I’ll get back to you…I write as soon as the road opens.

Whoa Baby!!!!!!!!!

March 23, 2009


This picture is worth a thousand words……from Cordova to Sitka we should see at least 20 to 25 ft faces with possible 30 ft walls just northwest of Sitka.  Hope someone can get out, I’ll try to get some photos…..if anyone gets good surf please send me a pic.