June surf in Yakutat

Well we’ve started another month in the surf season!  The swell has been fairly small, but consistent at Point Carrew and the Babies break.  Cannon Beach has been kinda jumbled but seems to clean up in the early mornings and late evenings.  Greg Noll is wife Laura and life long friend Mike Stange visted us during the end of May and early June.  Lot’s of fishing….Greg caught this whopper 58 pound King Salmon on a Bass rod and reel…he was one of the greatest big wave surfers and now is a master angler.

We talked good story and I got an excellent history lesson on Mickey Dora from Greg and Mike.  Greg also honered me with a 10’0″  “DA CAT” Mickey Dora – Greg Noll board which I will cherish forever.  If you stop by the shop I’ll show it to you. 

 Well most of the low pressure systems are staying in the Bering Sea area leaving us with a steady westerly flow of the next week.  We’ll have a head to should high swell with best conditions early in the morning and late in the evening when the west wind dies down.  We broke out the Stand Up Paddle board this week so if your heading our way may be you can take a spin on it.  Til the waves pick up again I’ll sign off….good surfing to everyone….


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