Finally our fall surf is arriving

Well it’s been quite a dry spell as far as big waves go, September normally gives us a consistent long period southwest swell, but this year it has been flat as a pancake. Jason Collins and his brother come up to catch a few waves, instead had to settle for catching a few fish. But the patterns they are a change’n. Here’s a look at a nice swell forecast for next Thursday.

At the beginning of the month we had the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute came to Yakutat to produce a commercial promoting fish tacos, with the famous chef Mary Sue Milliken preparing some absolutely awesome fish dishes. After the shoot the crew went to Cannon beach and played in the waves with body boards and SUP’s they were all stoked even though the waves were only knee high. Later the producer Rocky and cameraman Chris decided to make history. Be the first ones to SUP at Harlequin Lake….so after a 20 min hike with a 10’10” Walden, they did indeed make history.

Pretty cool…no pun intended. Till next time keep surf’n.


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