Some nice waves heading for Yakutat next week….

Well I’m free at last! I retired from the National Weather Service last Friday so now I can pay a little more attention to our surf business. It will no longer be a conflict of interest for me to do a little forecasting for surf for the gulf of Alaska. It looks like the 13th of June should produce some fairly nice SW swell for our little surf spot. The Wave Watch III model show around 8 to 10 feet of swell surging into the bay with a -2.5 tide should make Graveyard and Babies go off. Here a look at the model for that day.

Alaska swell forecast

Leonards Landing will be offering surfer specials through out the summer with various rates depending on your party size and time you want to come… may be worth looking into. Make sure you ask for the surfer special. The camp grounds at Cannon beach seem to be vacant most of the time so thats another option. Another thing is that the ferry is coming 4 times a month this year twice from the north and twice from the south so this may be the best way to come up or down if you have your own board and plenty of time. Be sure to stop by the shop….I’ll probably be standing behind the counter waiting to hear a good story. Til next time…keep surf’n.
Jack @ Icy Waves


4 Responses to “Some nice waves heading for Yakutat next week….”

  1. Greg Schlachter Says:

    Congrats on the retirement Jack!! Looking forward to heading out your way two or three times this summer. We’ll definitely swing by and I’ll give you a heads up once we get dates anchored down. Hope all is well.



  2. steve Says:

    yes, the ferry schedule looks better. i have a heard time with the AMH schedules, but it looks like its possible for anchorage surfers to ride over for a week, dept whittier and returning whittier.

    for example m/v kennicot arrives from whittier on august 12 and departs for whittier on the august 18. that works for me

    is surf probable during that period? a local guy told me the ocean beachs at yakutat usually have at least small waves even in august. is that true?

    • jacutat Says:

      Sorry for the delay in answering, middle of August is when things start to develop for the fall big waves. Cannon beach can get some beautiful long period swell during that time of year and the water is warm! You will only need a 4-3 wetsuit with booties optional. You can expect a 3-4 ft swell pretty consistent, look to hit Cannon on an incoming mid tide…that should provide you with a couple of hours of great fun. Hope you can make it down.


  3. steve Says:

    Sounds great. I am going to ride the ferry to yakutat about mid august and stay for a couple of weeks of surfing. Thanks

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