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Nice surf for the weekend in Yakutat

February 8, 2010

Well it’s been a while since I updated my blog….so he we go.  The roads to all of the breaks have.. been open for the last few weeks . We have about 2 inches snow so access is a problem so far, as long as we aren’t dumped on.  It looks like rain the rest of this week with a couple of lows tracking just to the south of us.   Here’s a shot of the wave forecast for friday….it should bring in a nice swell with out a ton of wind which equals good surf.  So come on down and get in the water……….by the way the water temperature is 43 and  our air temps should be in the mid to low 30s.  Banana belt temps for the Alaskan surfers.  Stop by the shop or the house for a chinwag when you get into town its always nice chat with wayfaring surfers.