Icywaves 1st black friday wetsuit sale!

We are clearing out our last years men’s and women’s 654 and 543 wet suits.  I 5 654’s in men’s sizes XS (2 ea), S,  and XLS.  I have 2 5-4-3’s, 1 xcel XL and a Hotline XLS.  In womens we have sizes 4,6,8T,10,12 and 14 these are all Xcel’s.  We are taking $100 off the retail and selling them for $244. All surfboards are 10% off as well as gloves & booties.  This is 1st come 1st deal so email me at jack@icywaves.com  have a great holiday and wishing you all big clean waves.



4 Responses to “Icywaves 1st black friday wetsuit sale!”

  1. charles camp Says:

    hay man what up been live in cooper landing for like 3 years now going nuts for waves been boddybording for like 16 years now and i need a fix you know of eney wear close to me wear i can suff at ?and can you give ma a link with ins and outs of suffing ak ? and summer comming so what time of wet sutes do i need to suff hear in summer and im going to need some goodys like and bord and the rest of my gear if you be cool and help me out i be happy to buy the stuff from you and help you out some ty man hope to see you out thear charles camp

  2. chip Says:

    hey jack
    longtime; i’ve sent a couple emails to no avail
    hope all is well with you empty nesters.
    still there or off to new zealand?
    i ran into the guy who started the clean-up group with Alaska IPA-can;t remember his name–at a laguna beach city council meeting…. small world

    anyway, hope you and laura are well. hope to come again this summer
    chip mcdermott

    • jacutat Says:

      Aloha Chip,
      We are still kicking, slow winter for us no travel….I replied to your email but apparently it got lost in cyberspace.
      Hope you can make it up again next summer. You mentioned something about a map? In your email…write back
      and let us know. Next time you’re here we’ll skiff it out to the islands and catch a wave. Take care and keep in touch.


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