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Icywaves 1st black friday wetsuit sale!

November 26, 2009

We are clearing out our last years men’s and women’s 654 and 543 wet suits.  I 5 654’s in men’s sizes XS (2 ea), S,  and XLS.  I have 2 5-4-3’s, 1 xcel XL and a Hotline XLS.  In womens we have sizes 4,6,8T,10,12 and 14 these are all Xcel’s.  We are taking $100 off the retail and selling them for $244. All surfboards are 10% off as well as gloves & booties.  This is 1st come 1st deal so email me at  have a great holiday and wishing you all big clean waves.



Monster Swell heading for Tofino…Yakutat should get 20ft+

November 6, 2009

Wow what a storm! Watching it daily making it’s way toward the coast has kept us on edge.  Anyway it looks like our Canadian brothers are going to score big time.  Take a look at this surf chart….kinda mind boggling.

Giant Surf

We’ve had a couple of inches of snow this week,  but it has since melted off and all of the surf spots are wide open.  Iwill try to get some shots of the surf tomorrow but it’s getting dark right after work so I’ll have hurry after work.   The waves have been kinda empty this month with just a couple of the locals making it out during the cold spell.   We may have a few of last years wetsuits coming up on sale to make room for new models next, we’ll get those up this weekend.

For our Homer friends if this low does indeed go on shore near Yakutat or below it should provide you with a pretty long sustained N wind… will be a little nipply but should provide you with some nice waves.  Keep surfn

                                                   Jack @ Icy Waves