First Kodiak, then Yakutat and Sitka…..

Well it’s still on it’s way….our friends at Kodiak should see a nice south swell pumping in on Wednesday, Yakutat and Sitka will feel the push on Thursday.  12 to 15ft swells for the Kodiak crew with 15 to 20ft for Yakutat and Sitka with the heavier swell at Sitka.  The ducks and geese are just starting to fly, the moose season is about half over and there are a ton of late run silvers are under the cannon beach bridge. There’s still the $99 one way fare still going I’d say it’s time to visit us.  Here’s a picture of the next few days of swell courtesy of the Navy.




One Response to “First Kodiak, then Yakutat and Sitka…..”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Hey I’m thinking about shooting into yakutat for the weekend. Whats the forcast looking like for sat and sun and what place would you recommend staying thats nice enough for the family to stay in while i surf?

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