Giant waves for Kodiak this weekend!

Well we’ve had a couple weeks of good surf, with visits from our annual Homer crew and a small contingent from Seattle.  The surf was mixed but generally pretty good.  It looks like it will be consistent for the next couple of weeks with some hugh waves instore for the Kodiak crew this weekend.  Check out the navy model which you can get online at



This shows Kodiak with ssw fetch….the waves won’t be long period but should be fairly juicy and big.    

For those coming to Yakutat this weekend look for a pretty good swell from the west which should make graveyard and babies work well.  It’s going to be rainy…..but it’s October in Yakutat.  Til next time good surf to everyone.


One Response to “Giant waves for Kodiak this weekend!”

  1. Don Johnson Says:

    Sorry Jack, but no! the swell was so south that it passed right by! It got head high at some places. The mudslide by the Coast Guard Base kept the crew in town, so! next time?,,,dj

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