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First Kodiak, then Yakutat and Sitka…..

October 20, 2009

Well it’s still on it’s way….our friends at Kodiak should see a nice south swell pumping in on Wednesday, Yakutat and Sitka will feel the push on Thursday.  12 to 15ft swells for the Kodiak crew with 15 to 20ft for Yakutat and Sitka with the heavier swell at Sitka.  The ducks and geese are just starting to fly, the moose season is about half over and there are a ton of late run silvers are under the cannon beach bridge. There’s still the $99 one way fare still going I’d say it’s time to visit us.  Here’s a picture of the next few days of swell courtesy of the Navy.




Yikes….get your guns! The big waves are coming!

October 17, 2009

I see a pretty big surf a com’n….starting tuesday night with a huge swell driving into the Tofino area down by the Queen Charlotte Islands should be 30ft plus….Sitka should get leftovers of around 20 ft while Yakutat will will be in the 14 to 15 ft range.  That’s the good news….the better news is that there is a 2nd development with the main swell pointed right at Sitka on slate for next Friday.  That should bring 25 to 27ft rollers into Sitka turning sandy beach into a funfest for the weekend.  Yakutat should get the 20ft left overs but they should be big and clean with an off shore wind.  Here’s the latest model….pretty encouraging.   Gotta work today will update this as we get closer….maybe the friday swell will migrate a little north.


Giant waves for Kodiak this weekend!

October 7, 2009

Well we’ve had a couple weeks of good surf, with visits from our annual Homer crew and a small contingent from Seattle.  The surf was mixed but generally pretty good.  It looks like it will be consistent for the next couple of weeks with some hugh waves instore for the Kodiak crew this weekend.  Check out the navy model which you can get online at



This shows Kodiak with ssw fetch….the waves won’t be long period but should be fairly juicy and big.    

For those coming to Yakutat this weekend look for a pretty good swell from the west which should make graveyard and babies work well.  It’s going to be rainy…..but it’s October in Yakutat.  Til next time good surf to everyone.