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First Giant Swell of the year coming to Yakutat!

September 9, 2009

Well those storms out west have developed a really nice condition that should send some 20 ft+ SW swell into Yakutat this weekend.  Take a look at the navy model below.



I think there are some cheap airfares so come on down and enjoy the swell!!  The silver fishing this year is back to normal so the surf fish thing is really working out this year.  If you can’t make it for this swell, keep an eye on the blog and I’ll post as soon as I see a sure thing.  Also a word to the wise when calling for a place to stay ask if they have any off season rates…especially after Oct 1st.  I will be working this coming year with all of the lodges to get surfer deals during the off season, I’ll also try the car rental places.  I hope by this next spring to have bike rentals for those of you who are on the frugal side and want to spend your money on a new board or wetsuit…..instead of a rig rental.  Well that’s it…..looking forward to Coastal Code crew from Alaska Brewing coming in next week also the Gang from Homer the following weekend.  Until next time good surf’n.