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August swell finally coming to Yakutat

August 10, 2009

Well it finally looks like the summer time doldrums are coming to an end! There’s nasty little typhoon hammering China but it’s sending some nice wave action our way. Take a look at this wave model showing a 9 to 12 swell around the middle of the month. This should make all of the breaks in Yakutat rideable.

 168 forecast


The water’s warm…around 60 and the silvers are just showing up.  So if you’re wanting to do a fish surf trip, this year may be a good one.   As with every other place in Alaska we’ve had a fabulous summer weather wise but the surf scene only had a few days at the end of July for good surf.  As the swell starts to build I’ll be on here forecasting and hopefully all the surf spots in Alaska will have a great last half of 2009.