Summer time breaks in Yakutat

Well it’s summer….July no less and we are getting a few waves… With the constant westerly blowing this year, early morning surf sessions are the best both at Cannon and the outer breaks as well as the minus tide breaks at graveyards and babies.  The outlook may be promising for mid August as the southern hemispheric swell should have an extra shot of juice this year.   The weather has been awesome, thus the westerlies.  I’m seriously looking into the kite board gig with the constant 10 to 15 kt wind it may be the next new thing in Yakutat.  I hope everybody has a great 4th and swell eventually gets big………..


3 Responses to “Summer time breaks in Yakutat”

  1. Don Johnson Says:

    Hi Jack! Suntan weather here!, but flat, westerlies are offshore at the lodge, been camping out there and hiking over the hill to a spot you can”t see from the road, no bears YET! small but fun!, keeps an old guy young, yak at ya later,dj

  2. Greg Schlachter Says:

    Hey Jack!
    I like your prediction for Mid-August, we’ll be arriving for the annual trip Aug. 16th for a week. Haines has been incredibly hot with temps in the upper 80s. Lots of hazy smoke just rolled in from the interior yesterday. Looking forward to catching up! Cheers, Greg

  3. Don Johnson Says:

    Hi Jack! just got the reef at 8 ft, 1 other guy out!, the rains have groomed the sandbars very well! On the other side of the island, so, so, but still head high, also saw a bear,,,later,,,dj

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