Free at last! The road to Graveyards is being opened.

As I sit here typing this post the city crew is busily plowing the road to our favorite surf spots.  We had around 4 ft of snow on the road so it has been a couple of day project but we should be able to get to the beach tomorrow.  So to all of you Juneau and Homerite surfers…..come on down the water’s fine!  We’re in kinda of a doldrum as far as waves go for the next couple of days but… looks like next week we should see some head high stuff pop.  It’s been a loooong winter and we really needed this service provided by the city to keep our sanity.  60 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky… is good.  Stop by the shop when you come a check out our new logo’s and boards.  Til next time keep surf’n.



One Response to “Free at last! The road to Graveyards is being opened.”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Hey Jack,
    Looks like some summer time surf coming in the west of the gulf right now… I miss last years forecasts. What have you been up to lately. Let us know what your magic crystal ball says man.
    See you in the water!

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