Still have 3ft of snow but spring is charging to Yakutat…

    The birds are showing up, the herring are spawning and the waves are cleaning up….yes spring is here.  If only we could get some cooperation the rain and wind to melt the snow that seems to inching it’s way slow down.   The road to gravyards still is snowed in, so our only options are Cannon Beach which has had some nice breaks lately and skiffing it.  I thought I’d let you know what I have for sale in the Shop this spring, so here we are.
    1. 10’10” Walden SUP w/o paddle           $1395
    2. 9’0″ Robert August what I ride wood, oak,ash and mahogony  $895
    3. 9’0″ Donald Takayama Slater Model Red $795
    4. 8’4″ South Point Mini Longboard Egg $425
    5. 7’9″ Jed Noll Mini Gun (classic) $550
    6. 6’10” Walden Magic Fish $455
    7. 7S 777 6’10 $369
    8. 7’6″ NSP Surf Bette $329
    9. 6’8″ Stretch Fletcher Four $645
    10. 6’8″ Stretch Half Moon 4 fin $620
    11. 5’11” Stretch Performance Blue Swallow Tail $665
    12. 6’1″ Webber short board $345
    13. NSP 5’6″ Mini Fish $199 (super deal)
    I have a couple 9’0″  and 10’0″ Rebel longboards expoy that run between $400 and $550.
    If you have any interest let me know and I’ll get back to you…I write as soon as the road opens.

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