Whoa Baby!!!!!!!!!


This picture is worth a thousand words……from Cordova to Sitka we should see at least 20 to 25 ft faces with possible 30 ft walls just northwest of Sitka.  Hope someone can get out, I’ll try to get some photos…..if anyone gets good surf please send me a pic.




2 Responses to “Whoa Baby!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Wow! Looks like you’re about to get slammed! Jack, I’ll see you in May, flying in the 13th to fish halibut and will be around for three weeks, can’t wait.

    • jacutat Says:

      Hey Daniel,
      Looks like friday is the day, I’m going to try to get out in a skiff and get a few pics this one looks bigger than the November bomb. I think fishing
      is a little slow right now so mid-may will probably be good. Hopefully the road to the point will be melted by then….he he. Send up some So. Cal.
      weather and lots rain, we are all very sick of snow!! Look for a update of the big swell on Sat or Sunday.


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